Trigger pulled

Bought the Rav4 today. V-6 4wd, tow package, bluetooth, Sat radio, CD/AM/FM/MP3/WMA, alloy wheels, roof rack with cross bars (which I won’t use).

Now need to get new Yakima crossbars, (my son has mine on his car)rail grab and two sets of Mako saddles and I’ll use my existing hulley rollers for the rear.

Should have it after the 4th of July weekend. They gave me a decent amount on the trade in for my Vue.


Use it in good health nm

Your Test Drive
Could be to pick me up in NH, drive me and all my gear to Raystown and then back home!! :wink: You game?

don’t forget to point out to paddlers looking for a ride that you will be varying speeds all the time during the break-in period to seat the rings.

Owner review…
We’ll be looking forward to one when you’ve had it a while. :slight_smile:

Hey - thanks for stimulating the economy!

now I am jealous. Being a former 06 RAV4 V-6 owner myself you will like it. Just don’t jump in the throttle to hard, you can launch coffee cups out of their holders,and stain that new interior.Enjoy the ride!{opps, Nissan catch phrase} What color Andy??



I have been driving the same Toyota Truck for 13 years and 240,000 miles, and finally decided I want a new RAV4

I assume we’ll see it at Raystown?

No doubt
If I can make it! Just recently found out that my daughter is planning on having the christening of my yet to be born grandchild on or about the same weekend. That comes first!


Have the Christening…
Raystown. Duh! :slight_smile:

There you go…

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Andy! Hey years ago didn't clarion try to baptise his one son ? LOL {you had to be there}