Trim around the combing on roto-molded kayaks?

Hello to all.
I own a Perceptions Sea Lion Shadow and my 2 friends own Perception Sea Lion Eclipse and a Chinook. On all 3 kayaks the old combing trim is worn and falls off very easily. Tom at Top Kayaker sells replacement trim. My question is simply “does the trim do anything other then look nice”?
We are thinking about ordering enough to replace it on all 3 kayaks but the thought had occurred that maybe it’s best to toss it all out and replace it with nothing.

What say Ye?

The edges under the strip can be rough enough to remove some hide. Only one way to find out. Look at them.

The cockpit coaming trim strips started disappearing in the early 2000s, about the time everyone figured out they did nada except come off. I’d pass on spending anything on a replacement.

That’s probably good advice

The trim makes it easier to carry if the edge is sharp. You can get 20 - 50 ft of it on amazon cheap, auto door trim.