Trimming Loon 138T


I took the loon 138t out for a paddle with a 70lb kid in the back (I’m 150#) and had problems with the kayak tracking. I understand this is a problem with the trimming of the boat. Should the heavier person (me) be in the front or the back, and where on the adjustable track should the front seat be placed, (fore/aft)? thanks for everyones input!

Seating arrangement
Heavier person should go in the back. Slide the front seat back and forth to find the ideal spot. With a 70 lb. kid pretty close to the front depending on the wind. Wind in the front put it forward. From the back put it back to trim the boat.

My guess is that
paddling with a kid is akin to paddling solo. A tandem cannot be paddled solo well from the front or back. My thought would be for the adult to sit as close to the middle of the boat as possible depending on which seat moves.

An alternative view which I don’t subscribe to is that the stronger paddler should be in the front. I prefer to be in the rear for steering.

Similar experience
When my young (and significantly lighter) son and I were getting used to our new Loon 138T years ago, we had the same problem. We found that the Loon does not track well when bow-heavy.

At first, we thought it had something to do with me being a stronger paddler, or something else, but then when we packed the Loon with camping gear and paddled it solo, we had the same handling problem when we put too much of the heavy gear forward. Rearranging the weight distribution toward the stern instantly changed the tracking characteristics for the better.

Since we got another kayak, I’ve removed the rear seat on the Loon and use it only in solo mode. It is great for fishing, short camping trips, and liesurely day trips with a small cooler where the rear seat used to be.

trimming Loon
Thanks all for you suggestions, I will give them a try next time out