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hello all, first post here

so a couple old college roomates and myself are looking to do a river trip in the next month or so. would be 3 days or so, relativley easy, easy rapids would be good (nothing more than class II) and would need to be in northern co, northeastern utah, or western wy.

thanks in advance


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Do you or your companions have paddling experience, if so what kind? What boats would you be using?
And on what aspects of this do you seek advice?

trip advice

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yes, we all have enough experience to handle class II rapids.

one person has a whitewater canoe, the other 2 will be renting boat(s), not sure what just yet.

looking for adivice on where to go in that region: possible rivers/sections in that general area and at that difficulty level. is there anything really classic in that region we should consider? i'd prefer something in the mountains somewhat rather than the desert, but that would be ideal and not totally necessary.

You might want to see if you can get Seadart’s attention. I think he’s done a lot of paddling in that area.