Trip down the colorado

I’m planning a trip down the Colorado River starting from Green River Lake down to as far as I can go before the river dries out. I plan on hiking the last miles to the Sea of Cortez. I’m hoping to start the trip next year in late spring.

I’m trying to decide on what boat would be best for the journey. I plan on packing as light as possible, but it’s a long trip and I need enough storage room for food (mostly rice) and gear to get me between cities. Over 90% of the trip will be over flat water so I am leaning heavily toward a touring boat, but it also needs to be maneuverable enough to get me through most of the rapids. I actually have a good idea of the boat I want but I thought I’d get some of your ideas on what you would choose and why. I’m also open to any more advice you might have for me.

got permit??
Have you gotten a National Park PErmit to run the COlorado through the Grand Canyon??? I hope so if not the waiting list is around 15 years UNLESS you’ve sighned up for a private tour.

Why not go upstream? Its been done all the way to Wyoming…food for thought.

GC permits
Yes, I’m fully aware of the permit situation in the Grand Canyon.

Prijon Yukon Expedition
With a rudder. Very good whitewater performance. It’s run the Grand back in the 90’s.

Eddlyline Ravens have done it. Probably lots of seakayaks have now done it and would be good choices.

Chris McCandless follow up?
The route and the rice got me thinking, also the “fully aware of the permit requirements” not “I’ve got a permit”, thought I might as well guess??? Way off???

Sounds fun anyhow…good luck.

How about a Prijon Seayak? Never had mine in rapids, but it surfs well. The volume is pretty good, 105gal vs. the Yukon’s 120gal.

Sea kayak
Thanks for the advice. I was already leaning toward a sea kayak. I’m hoping to be able to try a bunch of different models out but from reading different reviews online I want to give the Necky Chatham 16 a look. Plenty of room but it still has some good maneuverability. Anybody tried one of these?

Life vest
If you plan on taking a 16 foot sea kayak through the Grand Canyon and Catarak Canyon above Lake Powell you better take a good life vest because you will be doing a whole lot of swiming. There is some serious whitewater in those canyons!! Just for the record there is no Green River lake on the Colorado River. I would also make some room for some more subsantial food than just rice . If you try and run Grand canyon without a permit and get caught you will be without a boat.

Just some friendly advice… DO SOME MORE PLANNING. It might be doable if you are crazy enough but the smart money would be on you failing.

I like to swim
Green River Lake is at the headwaters of the Green River, which is what most geographers consider to be the true headwaters of the Colorado River.

As far as the swimming goes, I plan to portage the rapids that aren’t doable in a sea kayak. I think planning for the many, many miles of flat water is more important.

Just picked up a copy
of that movie. I’m glad I didn’t see that movie 20years ago otherwise I may have followed in his footsteps. He lived a lifetime in what little time he was on this earth.


You will need permits for these

Green River, Gates of Lodore, 44 miles

Desolation and Gray Canyons, 88 miles

Canyon lands, Cataract Canyon, 120 miles

Grand Canyon

Good luck!


The Chatham skeg box takes up a valuable space.

You either a high, a troll or Pam140…
Go learn how to kayak and come back in three or four years. Have you ever been to the head waters of the green? LOL. Let me know how getting a kayak there goes.

Ever seen the rapids at Cataract Canyon, Marble canyon?

Apply for your permits now.