Trip Ideas?

I’ll be in Florida in July and was looking to do some kayaking for bioluminesce. Open on suggestions on what you folks think would be the best trip. I’ll have 5 nights available and accessibility isn’t an issue, I can go wherever.
Thanks ahead of time for your insight.

July is early. But the two prime factors are 80 degree water and salt water. I suggest a new moon ora partly cloudy night. One where it gets dark then moon light is good. Not as many people and just as much sparkle. Bioluminescent when dark moon glow when not.

Best area is Merritt Island
You can find it along the hwy 528 highway. The “canal” is the most popular. Trips typically start and end in Kelly Park East. Note this has become very popular with the Outfitters. It’s too crowded.

Launching at the West end of the canal is less crowded. I have also found it at the Southend of the island in the residential canals. On the Banana River side.

For outfitters see Adventures in Florida. He’s launching across the bay/river on the Cocoa Beach side. More away from crowds.

PS…it’s easy to get separated in the dark. Have a chem light on so your group can stay together. Have a white light to turn on and aviod a collision, per reg. Don’t leave spoiler light on all the time.

Thanks. I’ll look at that for sure.
Agreed July is early but due to work I don’t have much of an option.
I’ll be running without an outfitter, three of us and always GPS even if on a river. Lights…oh yeah.

Look up “Manatee cove” on the island. Paddle from there to pine island in the day time for an afternoon paddle. Look out for the critters in the cove and the flats.