trip location in Ohio

Hey, I just posted on the Getting Together board, but figured I woul dpost here too. I know I rare look past the first two boards.

My vacation plans have changed, now I have time, a family and no destination. I am looking for an area that I can do a little three day paddle and camp trip with the kids. I want to show up with my family, give an outfitter money and go. I don’t want to think or pack or anything (you know what I mean).

I would like the trip to be paddle and set up camp day one, day two is play and rest and have fun and day three we eat, break camp and paddle home.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Oh I forgot to mention it is two adults and three cihldren; 6,10,13 all Girls.

thanks in advance,


a couple of ideas…
Sounds like a nice 3-day plan. I’m guessing [based on the ages of your children] that you are talking about going during summer vacation.

A few years ago my daughters and I had a nice paddle [via an outfitter] on the Hocking River. I cannot recall the name of the outfitter, but they were right in the Hocking Hills tourist area—lots of caves to explore and trails to hike. We did not camp on that trip, but stayed in a very nice [and very modern] “cabin”. Our canoe trip was just a 3 or 4 hour paddle from the outfitter shop to a take-out area where they picked us up.

Another idea is the Mohican River. I’ve not been there yet, but I’m told there are more than just a couple outfitters in and around the Mohican State Park area. I’ve heard this is a VERY popular area in the summertime. This could be a plus or a minus depending on what you’re into. There should be lots of options there—but depending on when you go, there may be too many humans there too.

How well adapted are your girls to “roughing it”? By that I mean do they require indoor plumbing for showers and for those calls of nature? I ask because I may be able to set you up with a private island here on the mighty Tuscarawas River for a 3 day tour like you have described—if your girls are OK with living in the wild for a couple of days.


“The Mass on the Mohican”----
We’ve done day trips on sections of the Mohican. Once one is away from the main clot of outfitters, the crowding should diminish. It would just be a matter of finding an outfitter who supports downstream trips and has good knowledge of camping options.

if you find
what you are looking for, let me know, as I am a guy in central ohio who is looking for a nice weekend spot where I can camp and play, not necessarily with kids, but with adults who like to get away.

Thanks so far
I have done a very little bit with Mohican. I like one of the big local outfitter places. they do some wonderful day trips. It is a constant for first time trips and church functions.

As far as roughing it goes…I haven’t figured it all out. they are all girl scouts. The six year old is up for most things as long as the other two are into it. The ten year old, she can tough it out, the thirteen year old is 13…so, like, WHATever, gaahh uuuhhhh, jeeze…ya know. we are newly a family, so there is a lot adjustments going on. We are feeling our way through the summer.


Kokosing or Walhonding
You can camp here, and I think they’ll outift and shuttle for either runs.

The Kokosing is all Class I from Mt. Vernon to Howard, but can get a little low if there hasn’t rained in awhile. From Howard to the meeting with the Mohican, it has one Class 1.5/2 drop (pretty easy to manage if you go to river left.) and some fun riffles the girls will enjoy.

The Walhonding is all flat and slow moving, but can be paddled even when the other rivers in the area are too low.

Lots of fun things in the area to do:

The Kokosing Gap Trail: 14 mile paved rail trail, from Mt. Vernon to Danville. Goes through several small towns (Gambier, Howard) and past the nature center at Gambier/Kenyon College. From Danville you can take a gravel rail trail/Amish buggy trail to the Mohican river, and cross the “Bridge of Dreams” over the Mohican–a bike and buggy only trail.

In Coshocton there is a really nice city run water park, plus historic Roscoe village with living history demonstrations, and a canal boat ride (called the Monticello II, I think).

Neither of these river stretches are exactly “wilderness” experiences, but they are both pretty and have some nice, tranquil stretches.

Thank you very much
I have been to a few places in the Mohican/loudenville area. I liked them, for car camping, but I didn’t think they would be right for the girls…you know. This place down here sounds great. Thank you very much.