Trip ofa lifetime

In early July I’ll be leaving on a trip of a life time. Will be driving from New Hampshire to Alaska to kayak the south central and south west regions (including the Aleuts)then on to above the arctic circle and Beaufort sea, perhaps on to Aulavuk Nat’l park on Banks Island. Will be passing through the area of the Yukon, Mackenzie and Nahanni rivers as well. Anybody out there ever been in these areas, and if so any suggestions? must sees? Advice? etc?

What fun…you’ll be into some
beautiful country here in The GreatLand…I hope you allowed yourself plenty of time…happy paddlin

do you need
a manservent I could be your “Passpatoo”

Take a barrel of bug spray. Enjoy.


what type of paddling?
I am assuming you’re sea kayaking - which I’ve done a little around seward and homer. But don’t forget about the rivers in south central - Kenai, Susitna, Matanuska, Russian, Eagle, etc. are all nice. The Matanuska is real dirty (glacial silt), about 33 degrees most of the year, and has some class IIIs - but you get to paddle along side a Glacier! Most of the rivers in south central are pretty swift and cold so be prepared. There is some flatwater paddling on small lakes and rivers going north to Denali.

Also, bring bug dope. And be real careful if you’re paddling around Anchorage (in the cook inlet, arm) the tide is real crazy!

will be kayaking and canoing
Yes I will be sea kayaking. On the Alaska leg of the trip will be paddling around the Kenai Fjords area, then on to Katmai and Kodiak Island. From there maybe on to Dutch harbor. Will switch to canoe while heading up to Inuvik, NWT and back to kayaking in the Beaufort sea. I will be bringing plenty of Deet and bug netting, living in the North Country. I’m all to familiar with are little blood sucking friends.

Lucky you!
Take lots of photos and post them for us all to see!

There are many stretches of some of these rivers that are even too dangerous for the local First People. Be sure to check with the locals! Beautiful, easy stretches of the Yukon outside of Whitehorse–beaver damns wildlife…