Trip on Lower Saranac

I’m new here and wanted to share a recent article I posted about Paddling and Photography in the Saranc Lake Chain of Upstate New York. Comments would be Welcome.

Trip on Lower Saranac
Nice story and pics I am truly looking forward to being in that same area next week.



Lower Saranac hardly wilderness
I hear there is a guy with a boathouse and a cannon in Crescent Bay.

The cannon is meant for jetskiers but hey he is getting older and his eyesight might not be what it used to be.


I will look for that guy with the cannon next week.

Lower Saranac
None of my business & dislike being negative but is there a reason you’ve chosen Lower Saranac ? It does have it’s appeal (nice mt views & scenic islands) & if you’ve never been, guess it’s worth a visit but IMO the Adks offers better large lake paddling. Lower’s “heavily” (by Adk standards) deveoped in NE end & busy w/ motorboats & all the campers the DEC charges to stay in the 62 sites there (@ $22/night). Better have a res before you launch, also. Did I mention traffic noise ?

On plus side, Bluff Is, Devil’s Pulpit (find & climb the very faint path to it’s summit for a nice view)& Saranac R up to hand operated lock are worth a visit. You can find seclusion if you paddle below SR3, past 2nd pond & the nearby leanto & explore up Cold Brook.

Am certain you’ll much enjoy Lower despite my negativity & hope you’ll return to try a less busy alternative

Is That Guy’s Cannon On Lower Saranac

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like the Chicken Cannon on Royal Canadian Air Farce?


Saranac in the Old Days
I used to spend a week canoe camping on the Saranacs and hardly saw anyone. In those days we would drink the water straight out of the lake, no filtering.

Dunno ask CE