Trip report Pine Creek PA

I saw on another trip report that folks say no one puts up trip reports… Well I did one but never put it in the general section I guess, so here ya go.

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thanks for writing it up, pine creek gorge is on my list for a “someday” trip. I had a buddy who wanted to do it with me but unfortunately he passed away before we ever got to do it. Life is short, paddle as many rivers as you can.

You did a much longer trip than most do on Pine Creek. Most paddle the day trip from Ansonia to Blackwell. I paddled the canyon run a few times when I lived in PA. It is definitely worth doing once and is scenic but I have always felt that its reputation exceeded its recreational value and even its scenic quality.

If you are interested in whitewater it is a very long run for a short slide as there is only one Class II rapid and that is three miles from the put in. Sometimes the greatest recreational value is the schadenfreude that comes from watching inept paddlers screw up in Owassee Rapid.

Most years you can forget about doing this after Mother’s Day and many years the water level is already getting a bit too low by then.

I like the trip more than the rapids. They are just there to be run. It was a lot of work to go that far because of water level, but to me, tripping to camp is what I am into.
It was nice because of the lack of anything around. If time and water flow had permitted, we probably would have taken it to Jersey Shore