Trip Report: Pipe Lake (BWCA)

Went on an overnight on Sunday. We paddled into the BWCA from the Homer entry point, which I’ve used pretty often ( I’ve never paddled from Homer down to Pipe though, and neither has my SO. At first, we thought we were going to camp on Vern, but we got to the campsite before noon, so we pushed on to Pipe.

Pipe is a beautiful lake bordered on the south buy a very tall bluff. The campsites are not the best; we found the furtherest north campsite to be the best out of all of them.

Fishing wasn’t that great. We caught a couple of small mouth bass.

I used my new Tarptent Double Rainbow. Jury is still out on the tent… More about that tent later as I use it more often.

Pictures here:

Nice. eom

Well, was it or wasn’t it
a proposal? And those pots certainly are nice and shiny; I noticed them right away. Nice pictures.

Nice report Bryan
and cool pics. Can you be more specific relative to possible reservations on the tent/tarp?


Not a
It’s not a proposal. I’m not engaged yet, but I think we’re officially common law married now.

I’m holding my opinion on the Tarptent at this point, because I’ve only spent one night in the tent so far. There are some quality issues with the tent. Including uneven stitching and a hole where the netting wasn’t sewn into the seam and a missing cord. I’ve emailed Tarptent twice about these and still haven’t heard back. Obviously, I should call, because he has good customer service ratings from other reviews. My review when done will be independent as I purchased the tent full price and I want to give the tent a fair shake.

Some of my initial thoughts are posted here: