Trip reports

Hey yall. Ive looked around the site some, nice. It looks active here too. Good.

Wich is the best forum to post & read trip reports? Is there a prefered way of outlining a trip report? I know to put the basics; date, location, weather, time stayed, how we got there, how long it took us, gear used, water conditions, details, details. What about pics? Im pretty bad at remembering to bring the camera but when I do I get some decent pics. I like ‘big scene’ panorama type pics. I think they give the reader a feel for the area. Also, they can remember the pic on their trip & go, ‘Ah, I know where I am. I saw it in that picture’. My wife & I took the camcorder to Kisatchie last time and we’d video the head of trails & sign posts along the way. Didnt do much paddling, water was very low & fast. We hadnt made any pick up arrangments either. My comentary would be like, ‘We came from this way’, ‘We passed this’, ‘Go back that way’. Hey, hard to get lost with a camcorder. Its a video map. (LOL)

Anyway. Ive been canoeing since I was 13. My first trip was with the Civil Air Patrol somewhere in north Louisiana. Since then Ive paddled; Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida, a little in California & the paddle or die stunt of paddling, with a friend, from Long Beach Mississippi to Cat Island in Mississippi Sound. It was about 10 miles of Gulf paddling, open water, at night. I usually go with that guy or my wife. Shes pretty good too.

Thanks for the read & the site. I look forward to the learning.

you must
post time , date , location, who was there, how long it took ya , what ya ate /how many stroke each of ya took…Kidding. Just put down what ya feel like , am always intrested in what people did, and if not I will just skim.

"She’s pretty good too."
Nice. Welcome. How did you find us in here?

Thanks Northman & Clarion.

I found this place doing a google. The search words were, canoe, paddle, trip report…something like that.

So should I list the total number of strokes or do yall want them broken out into types? What does push-poleing count as?

Well, Im off to read about polyethylene adhesives. Watch this be something I shouldve read BEFORE doing what I did.

Places 2 Paddle
Look to the left side of this web page and find “Places 2 Paddle” or go directly here There you will find a hyperlink “Submit Your Report Today!” Click on it and you’re on your way.

There are some sample reports you can look at. You choose your category such as Day Trip or Weekend Trip, etc. There is a form/format to fill out. You can also cut&paste your own trip report into the form.

Take a look at Places 2 Paddle to read others’ trip reports.