Trip reports

Hi everybody,

I’m relatively new to, and have seen a few posts regarding trip write ups. Which message board is the appropriate place to submit a write up? And do people enjoy reading them as much as I?

Thanks, Carol

On the tool bar go up four categories
and click on Places to Paddle. You can read or submit

Trip Reports
Hello and welcome.

I post trip reports once or twice a year. Most of the folks I’ve met on this site post on the General Disscussion forum though some follow up on the Getting Together forum.

As some reports can become long and verbose (mine) it is sometimes effective to post in segments (day1, day2-3, day4, etc.) Also now Pnet has added the ability to intersperse photos with the report. This is really nice for an enjoyable read.

Those interested will read and reply. Most are folks that know you (personally) or are familiar with the area of the trip. It doesn’t matter to me as long as those interested enjoy.

It is a good idea to include a disclaimer in the title if it is (long).



Philosophical Blathering
I too have wondered which forum is best for trip reports. It is clear that they should not go in the Advice or Bicker & Banter boards. A report that is primarily about fishing with fantasy and tale of angler prowess would seem to have the best audience in the Fishing forum. The Getting Together and Going board isn’t right for got together and went. If a report is mostly about the location in which one paddled I think it would be appropriate to go here in Wilderness Tripping but I am sometimes puzzled by the need and usage of this board.

Most of my reports are about sharing experiences with someone who knows me, or the place that I paddled. Traffic on the General Discussion board is heavy and the greatest number of people will see a post there. Because of the heavy traffic it will be quick to be buried in the back pages where most of my dribble belongs anyway. Perhaps there is a need for a trip report board? The Places to Paddle section is wonderful but doesn’t seem right for philosophical blathering on a trip to the local pond.