Trip Reports

I bet this was discussed sometime after .net became .com, but what happened to the old trove of trip reports we used to have? Am I just not finding the right page here, or are they gone? The Trip Reports I’m talking about are not user-posted to the forum, but were user-submitted, then the admins would post them and we’d access them through an index that sorted by state. Gone? or Moved where?

Sorry if I missed an earlier discussion on this.


I think one of the “old” discussions was that you couldn’t post any new ones. Of course we should be able to search for those discussions but we can’t seem to.

There is a “search” at the top of the page. Load “Overstreet Trip Report” and you’ll or I got three pages of stuff. Once I got past the ads that said they had all of Ovetstreet’s contact info. (They didn’t) I got into trip reports…three pages. Not sure I’ve been that forthcoming. Very clunky .

Old discussions are there too.

on the top menu bar, select Go Paddle > Trips from the Community
zoom in to a desired location and explore the red dots, or the trip reports are also linked in boxes below the map.