Trip Suggestions 3 hrs from NYC?


I am looking to take my DW & DD (7) canoeing.

Last year we did a day trip at the Delaware Water Gap. We were thinking about going back to the DWG again, but for no other reason then diversitym, I thought I would look into the possibility of another location this time.

We live on Long Island and I am sure there has to be numerous other rivers to experience within a 2 or 3 hour drive outside of New York City.

I would prefer water that isn’t incredibly slow and one has to spend the whole day paddling hard to get down river.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Pine Barrens
(if the water level comes up) or the Housatonic River in CT

The Delaware flows faster upriver
check out put ins at Hancock and Narrowsburg. The later in the year, the slower the current.

If you are willing to pay for being on a trip with guides and organized programs, check out the Delaware sojourn running very soon.

and for that matter, any organized Sojourn.

NYC to Jim Thorpe approx. 2:20, check out

Here is an outfitter on the Hudson who posts here regularly, and sounds like a nice guy.

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cl. 2 on the housatonic

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Clarke Outdoors in Kent Ct....on the 'net. They have shuttles and rentals. Downriver run is from Falls Village down to Housatonic meadows I believe. Nice scenery, 2 fairly exciting stretches of paddling, at the put in and by the covered bridge.
Another in Ct. would be hitting Mainstream Canoe in New Hartford Ct. Farmington river. Downriver run from Riverton back to the shop. Rentals and shuttles. Clean water, good scenery, too many trout fishermen up top at times.

There’s the Nissequogue River near Smithtown. You can start at a boat launch on the LI Sound, paddle upstream til you can’t go any farther, then back down. I can’t remember how far it was, but it was a decent day paddle with lunch midway.

Catskill Outfitters
These guys rent boats on the west branch of the Delaware, much higher up, and have some route info on their site as well:

I live 3 hours north of NYC.
The suggestions for the Delaware at Hancock and the west branch of the Delaware above the Cannonsville Reservoir are good ones.

You can also paddle on the city’s Cannonsville and Pepacton reservoirs, but it requires an access permit (free from the NYC DEP) and you’ll have to get your boat steam cleaned. There are several vendors who do that.

The western Catskills, home of the tailwaters of the Delaware and the Susquehanna, are a beautiful place in the summer. C’mon up.

is covered with lyme ticks.

There’s 3-4 ticks every sq ft.

On the other leg, the Delaware has no lyme ticks, good food, beautiful women and great swimming.

boring mainland coast
A small section of the Cape May coast is marginally better.

pine barrens
wading river

bastso river

cedar creek

toms river

mullica river

oswego branch

egg harbor river

all have pristine sections away from roads, back in the pines.

there are rentals and shuttles available for all

The Upper Delaware River as 2 others
have already posted.

Mullica River

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I grew up in a town in the Pine Barrens. It's pretty flat so most of the waterways are slow moving, and in certain parts of the season, the deerflies can be thick out in the bush... but, this area has its own unique beauty with the water colored like dark tea by tannins, the sandy soil, scrub oaks, sassafras trees, ferns, blueberry bushes and everywhere, the pines...

Delaware Water Gap
Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area

Susquehanna River

getcha motah runnin’