trip to Australia

Hi, I’m planning a trip to Sydney and Perth and I’m looking for advice re: outfitters just for daytrips. I’ll be traveling with a non-paddler so we’re looking for fun and comfort and safety more than anything else. (Actually, who can argue with fun and comfort and safety in any context? :slight_smile: Anyway, I’d appreciate any tips regarding outfitters who have better-than-average kayaks and guides. Thanks!

Check with New South Wales kayak
club for Sydney and beyond guides

Both Sydney and Perth/Freemantle are very beautiful on and off water. Enjoy your trip and share some details and pictures with us.

What type of kayaking?
Sea kayaks, surf skis, whitewater or just flatwater tours on the river?

For Perth if you are on facebook try the group Ratherbepaddling.

Perth sea kayak tours
IMHO the nicest sea kayaking area near Perth is the Penguin Island area. A couple of commercial tours are

For paddling on the Swan River in Perth there is Water Wanderers

thanks, great tips!
Appreciate the help, and WOW are you going to see a lot of pictures! :slight_smile:

sounds great
Thanks, Kelvin. I will be with a novice, so just flatwater sightseeing this time. Really appreciate the tips!

Any of those trips is ok for a novice.

Sydney Harbor
I rented a kayak and paddled around Sydney Harbor. It was really beautiful.

I was there in March. Water was really calm.

can’t wait!
That sounds like a good way to deal with jet lag :slight_smile: