Trip to Austria

We drove down to a Austria :austria: for a couple days to a small town called Heiterwang.

Almost all the snow has melted and the water is a balmy 19C

My pup :dog: Luka is doing great by hopping in and out on command. He is a year old so I’m happy with how he is coming along.

We have a lot of drone footage but it requires some editing. I tried the canoe for the fist time.

We camp here next month for a week and will scuba dive if I can get the gear serviced in time.

Hopefully the dome port for the Go Pro will be here because I’ve decided my underwater camera is too big and obsolete as much as I hate to admit it.


Doggo’s gps

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It appears that the Heitersangersee connects at the NE corner to the Plansee. How far did you explore?

We paddled both lakes but not from one to the other.
The main reason is our dog is so young and we
forgot his life jacket. There was a thunderstorm severe weather warning and the dog still leans over to look at fish. I know if he fell out I could not get him back in, I’m not sure I could get myself back in the kayak (I have in the pool but not with a dog all over me.)

Next month we come and camp for a week and bringing diving gear and the bikes.

This would be a great trip for a person flying nonstop to Munich without going though Paris or London. They rent some nice kayaks and SUB at Plansee. Hotels are reasonable in nearby villages. Easy hr + drive from Munich.

It was my first time paddling the canoe so I was feeling him out.

I’m working on him jumping in and out when loading, etc.

He definitely wants to go and jumps right in right to the middle but he isn’t a big swimmer yet.

Our last Aussie was an enthusiastic swimmer but learned in a pool. This pup came from a horse farm in California and only knows cows and horses so he is still a bumpkin.:blush:

He did well waiting for us to gear up.

His main issue is he is like glue on me and whines if my kayak gets too far away from his canoe.

Also this is the first time I’ve not neutered a dog and I’m afraid he might roam off although so far he hasn’t.

This area of Austrian Alps is big for the white water kayaks and we hope to maybe get some viewing of them passing by on the way home today.


Perhaps you’ll run into the ghost of Edi Hans Pawlata

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Your pup is a beauty!

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Thank you! I’m nuts for dogs.

Did you wander through the Tirol during Feia Brenna weekend?

No, is that a crazy festival?

It’s a summer solstice tradition in the Tirolean alps.
Another excuse for the Austrians to party.

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I am afraid of fires :see_no_evil:

and Grizzlies so the Alps are good by me.

I meet an Austrian in the Grand Canyon while camping at Indian Gardens when my Dad and I hiked down the Kaibab Trail to Phantom Ranch back in 1968 (They still had the pool at the ranch back then). He was dressed in a wool suit with his Jacket over his shoulder on the way up to the South Rim just before dark. That has remained my image of Austrian hikers to this day.

That’s funny, I can picture that because a lot of the old Bavarian resorts still have very formal dining every night. Our neighbor invited us to one and we were there to hike so “dress for dinner” was :open_mouth: a bit of a surprise.

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Today we went back to Austria Tirol: Plansee and paddled to Heiterwangsee.

maybe 4-6 miles? A solid four hours paddling, had some wind and made some stops to play in the forest with Doggo.


So 2 (2.82) = 5.64 miles

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I have spent lots of time in Tirol, typically biking for fun when younger - but have never kayaked there. Quite the opposite, my Tirolean granddaughter visits in most summers and we’ll kayak here in North Idaho on Lake Pend Oreille.

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When my husband retires and we live in Gig Harbor, maybe we can do that! *If we don’t move to Idaho *

We did paddle the whole route from one lake to another this time. We did not take the bikes because we don’t have the right rack with brake lights. I think we will chance it in a few weeks though because the bike trail runs around all the lakes.

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Gig Harbor looks like a neat place. The closest I’ve been to there is when I twice attended SSTIKS at Twanoh State Park on Hood Canal. Most of our Sea Kayaking is the Nanaimo area and north … on Vancouver Island.

We like to take the ferry from Port Angeles to Victoria on Van Island.

Drive on and put the camper at a place called Goldstream, 20 minutes north of Victoria.

We love Idaho also and hope to explore more.

I’ll look up that park on Hood Canal because I like having new places to go.