Trip to Kenai in early July

Is there anyone here who fishes these waters from a kayak? If so, would you be willing to either link up with me for a trip, provide me a contact to rent a kayak for a fishing trip or both.



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KENAI KAYAK CO. Soldotna, AK (907) 260-5295

Found this on Google. No website.

Checked my sponsor's dealer locator links, no shops listed there.

Also- Looks like they might have a mothership operation of sorts.

Hope this helps.

I hope so, thanks…

Kenai Kayak Fishing

I have fished the Kenai and litteraly hundreds of guided power boats are jockying for position out of Soldotna. All use large and small outboard motors the small to hold location in the heavy current, while drifting plugs. Then if you hook up, with up to a 70 lb fish, the boat is used to jocky among the other traffic to manuever a fish. If you are not smart enough to see the danger and folly of putting a kayak in the conditions I am describing, kiss your butt goodbye and go for it.

I know about the Kenai River in and
around Soldotna. Of course there are other places, Homer, Kenai and other rivers in the area. One advantage of a Kayak, is access to areas that motor boats cannot access.

Besides, I will be there for almost 2 weeks, and plan on fishing the numerous lakes and streams in the area too. This is where a Kayak would be most enjoyable.

As for access to Kings and Halibut, my thought is doing so in the mouths and bays of the rivers, NOT amongst the numerous guides and motor boats.

Thanks for the warning nonetheless…


Kenai Kayaking

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Dont know....The Kenai river is pretty big around Soldatna and in the Cooper Landing Area. Stayed in a cabin at Naptown Rapids last summer, and floated in the Cooper Landing Area with a guide & drift boat a couple times.

There wasnt much to hit but it was a big powerful river, and I recall several spots with 3-5' tall standing waves....I wouldnt do it myself in a canoe or kayak, but I'd feel alright floating in the Cooper Landing area out of a decent pontoon boat. Cheers.