Trip to Slate Islands, Ontario in early August

I’m planning a trip to the the Slate Islands, Ontario on Lake Superior in early August, and looking for a paddling partner or two. This would be about a seven-mile crossing, so I’d prefer that you’ve done something of that nature at least once, and have a sea kayak and the standard gear. Thinking of staying about three to four days touring the islands, then allowing for some flexible days open to wait for favorable weather for the return. If anybody has taken this trip, please describe how it went and offer any advice. Thank you!

We did tour the Slate Islands but took a water taxi with our kayaks. It was astonishingly expensive so I understand the urge to make that crossing yourself. We had wind every single day. Most often it was noon and later, so I urge you to make your crossings very early and use a wind app to make the best guess as to favorable conditions.

We did a circumnavigation of Patterson in one day and returned to the Gut between Mortimer and Patterson greeted by four foot waves that were actually swamping moored boats.

Our total stay was four days . Since we had a water taxi we could keep to a schedule. ( the ride back was very rough) Please leave flexibility in your schedule( I see you are planning on this. If you pick up partners insist they honor that). One of the biggest mistakes Superior paddlers have made ( and I have seen it be fatal) is keeping to a schedule because they have to be back at work… Never try to fight the lake. It rules.

You will need drysuits and rescue practice as a group.

I have made four mile crossings but not seven miles…We have paddled Superior between Rossport and Agaway Bay but along the shore. Even Point Isacor a well known cliff with no take out was only four miles.

Heya, are you on the Kayak Ontario or Sea Kayak Ontario Facebook groups? If not, there are plenty of people on there that will be able to help you (and you’ll probably find someone to join you too :)! Have a great time!!!