Trip Transportation???

Ok I am kinda of new to kayak touring so please bare with me. I have a question about going on a trip. If you want to paddle a river which flows one way, and you drive the starting point which we will call point A. You get your gear, boat, and etc out and set off on the river. You paddle down the river and arrive at your destination which is point B. If you don’t want to paddle upstream and there is no local outfitter nearby how do you return with your kayak and gear back to point A to get to your car? What do most people do?

Some ideas. Get some friends, or join a paddling club and shutlle. It can go like this. A group shows up at point “A” and unloads all of the boats and paddling gear. Then all of the drivers (drivers only!) drive to point “B” down river. the drivers then leave most of the cars and stuff into the fewest cars available, and return to point “A.” At the end of the trip someone takes the drivers of the cars that are still at point “A” back to their cars. It helps when you have more rack capacity than you need for your own boat, and lots of seating in your car. It is also important not to leave lights on , or misplace your keys.

What we used to do was to bring a bike. Then one of the people drove the car to the exit and biked back.

Your car is at the end, but you drive back to where you ‘stashed’ the bicycle.

I guess it wouldn’t work on a real long distance trip, but it worked at Wolf River and some other rivers we did as day trips.

Shuttle Services
Shuttle services are fairly common on popular rivers. Day trips can usually be shuttled with a bicycle as mentioned.

Mention where your located so people on the list can better give you advise.