tripod / suction for camera on boat

Have the Optio w10 and am trying to figure out a good way to attach it to the boat without too many bells and whistles…Maybe the best thing is the helmet approach?


do youwish to attach it? Fore deck facing forward or toward you?

I would not trust a suction mount for long-term security, unless you back it up with a safety lanyard. It would be fairly simple to fabricate a deck mount device that would attach to the deck rigging (assuming you have rigging!) to which a ball-socket camera mount could be mounted. Ot try a device called an UltraPod. Comes in two sizes, available at REI and other locations. One of these snugged under deck bungies might be all you need.

That, and a safety lanyard!


Maybe …
You could wear it like those headlamps.

Lanyard around your neck?

Take a look at this one

that looks great but
I would really like to have something a little taller. That seems as if it would be hugging the deck and most of what you would be seeing is the bow?


This post doesn’t make sense. Mounting a camera to a unstable platform won’t improve your photos. That will tend to blur your photos. At least while holding it you can steady it a little better.

Screw it!
Just sink on of these into the center of your paddle loom!

Suck it!
Here’s anther suction mount - this one for smaller cameras


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This one folds and has a quick release base plate:

This one's cool too, but maybe harder to secure:

pash…think outside the box
tripods are not just for still cameras.


Take a look here…
…text is in german, but the photos show some details:

Notice the Float
Best idea of the day!

sticky pod
another suction cup solution:

vertical extensions require a full version of sticky pod with three suction cups: