Tripper 172 Royalex Royalex Canoe valeu

I am new to this website and wanted to see if I could get some advise on a 1984 Old Town Tripper 172 royalex canoe. It has been refinished with 4 coats of marine red paint, replaced the Old Town and Tripper stickers and the yokes have been stripped, re-stained and sealed. The inside has also gone thru a deep clean. Any suggestions on where to price it would be appreciated.

If it is not sun damaged and beat up around $700-800.

In today’s market maybe a little more.

It is a desirable model but I would have to see it to answer your question. Many would view the four coats of marine paint as a detriment rather than an advantage.

Trippers are back in fashion. I see them now for $1200. I saw one today for $1,800.

They cost $800-1,200 when they were new.

That is a reseller
He bought it last week for $800 and next day used the original sellers writeup but jacked the price a grand.

Thats scummy.

Trippers locally range from 750 to over 1000. I picked up a decent older version this spring for 300 bucks. It was a steal.

Values are different based on location.

I wouldn’t paint a Royalex boat unless it was pretty ugly and beat up.

I would value it less than an unpainted original.

With 4 coats of paint on it, it would be a no go for me at any price. Should have left it “au natural”.

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Sold mine for $800.

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