Tripping with an SOF...

Anyone done it? I’ve read that baidarkas have decent load capacity and I’ve read about an expedition version with hatches. Thanks in advance.

Working on it…
I’ve been slowly outfitting my baidarka for camping in the coming year. Inital work is to improve the comfort/fit. Then outfit with seasock and shaped dry bags. I hope to do a few five to seven day trips this spring/summer/fall.

Hope to be ready to go by early April. I too would be interested in in those who have experience with the SOF camping experience.


I do it all the time
My SOF doesn’t have a lot of volume so I must pack light. I can’t fit my sleeping bag inside the boat so I strap it to the rear deck (it’s in a Seatle Sports waterproof compression bag). The rest of my gear easily fits inside the kayak (tent, tarp, clothes, food, etc). For the most part, it’s not been a problem – I’m not camping ultralight, I just don’t carry much of anything that I don’t absolutely need.

The most that I’ve gone for with my SOF is a three night trip. I could probably do 4 nights if I really wanted but I’d be hard pressed to do more than that.

My SOF was built from the Robert Morris book. Everything that is packed behind the cockpit has to be less than 5 inches high or it won’t fit. I also attach lines to all my dry bags and gear so that I can pull them out later through the cockpit (only once will you forget to do this!).

My SOF is the first boat pictured on this page:

I quite enjoy paddling my SOF but I’m going to be building a Pygmy Coho in the next while and am really looking forward to having all the extra storage space. :slight_smile:


Greenland Style SOF Is
not a much of expedition boat, unless you build it much bigger than what most folks’ do for their size.

Baidarka would be the way to go for expedition. Brink’s book shows how he stow things in bags. Packs and extricates using a stick with a carved hook on the end.


thanks for the pics
very nice boat!

Pullies in the ends…
I installed marine pullies inside the boat at the stern and bow. So far they’ve been helpful in both installing and removing gear.

See about detail pics at ‘photobucket’.


I used for the air bags. Certainly can be used for getting stuff in. But, I would wonder how effective if every bag, or one single large bag is pulled in. I think using a several smaller bags would allow better distribution and well as trimming for weight.


Bags on lines
I considered installing pulleys but I find that attaching lines on bags and gear works very well. I use a paddle to poke the bags into place and then simply pull on the lines when it’s time to get my gear out of the boat – this has worked very well. Since I’ve loaded and unloaded my yak so many times, I can now load the boat very quickly using the prod and poke method.

As sing stated earlier, the Greenland style boat is not the best for expeditions – there’s just not a lot of volume for storing gear.