Trolling equipement

Hello All,

I am looking into buying a rod and reel to use as a dedicated trolling setup. I have decided that I want to get a medium action trolling rod with a line counter baitcaster type reel.

What I want are opinions on what kind of line works best. What do you folks prefer? Lead core vs wire core vs mono(with a diver of some sort)?


I will be paddling an 18ft Grumman double ender in pursuit of lake trout.


I am trying to figure out where to mount my rodholders. I have seen a few setups with the rods behind the rear seat, but I am inclined to mount them in front of both paddlers. Any opinions?

I was…
considering one of the Okuma rod/reel combos.

Has anyone used these?

I am leaning toward toward using 12 to 15# mono with a diver, but can’t get the notion of leadcore line out of my head. What are the advantages of leadcore? is one or the other easier to paddle with?

Lead Core

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I use an inexpensive fly rod and reel with lead core.
It works well trolling streamers or hardware.

Trolling streamers in the spring with lead core from a canoe is timeless.

for a rod holder, I use a "Down East" brand rod holder. it mounts with modified C clamps and works well from a canoe.

Good Luck