trolling for stripers

I was turned on to trolling for stripers this summer and had a blast - I trolled using 4 inch sunfish about 100 to 200 feet behind my pontoom boat at idle speed. Caught lots but was thinking about trying the same trolling method but using my kayak. Have any of you fishermen out there tried that. A leisurily paddle speed should be about the same as my boat on idle.

Lots of Salmon fishermen do it on the
West Coast and in Alaska… I have trolled for Trout at Lake Jocassee… I know of others who troll offshore in Florida and Hawaii for big fish…

No reason it wouldn’t work for Stripers…


All the time
Main method for stripers is trolling. I use a gps to set my speed. Bait runner reel with the rear drag set light. Main drag set for the line. For trolling with bait, I replace the rear hook on a floating deep diving lure with a snap swivel. Attach a 30" leader to hook for the bait and clip on to the snap swivel. I use cut anchovies or shad if available. If you stop it will float up. You can run 2 rods without worrying about bottom snags if you use floaters. If you hit a shallow area, slow down and they will rise. I keep a rod rigged with a jig or top water in case I run into a boil.

I have been successful trolling for…
crappie. I’m sure it would work for stripers. I plan on trying it on the Red River (below Texoma) soon.