Trolling motor canoe

For those who use a double ended canoe for fishing with a trolling motor, I know it’s better to switch from front to back in the sitting position so the canoe is balanced properly and then put your motor mount on. I just acquired an aluminum canoe a lot like a Sportspal (but called a Tomahawk). It’s got the sponsons, foam and ribs, etc. very light 14’ about 55 lbs. It came with a built in motor mount that is on the stern. (see post on Advice and Suggestions for pics). My question is if I put the trolling motor on that mount while solo will it still work from the rear part of the canoe? I’m well aware that I’d have to weight down the front either way. I see too many people with the front end way up in the air. If it was weighted, I’d like to see if it worked. On the other hand I do have another trolling motor mount I’ve kept for years that will work if I reverse the canoe and am seated more towards the middle. Just wondering from those who might have an idea. I’ve always had square stern canoes but actually I think this will be less stress on my back and arms not having to reach back so much. Thanks for any input.

Doesn’t matter got it figured out and can’t delete post, nice.

It should work fine where it is as long as you weight down the front with a cooler, sandbags or even a cinder block.


I had an Old Town 17 with a MK 30 pusher. I added 10’ of wire to the motor leads and moved the battery forward to help with trimming.

Definitely will move the battery to the front and maybe some additional weight. Just got my registration today.

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