trolling motor for solo canoe

I’ve looked everywhere and nobody makes a trolling motor mount for a solo canoe where the seat is near the center of the boat. All mounts are for tandem or larger canoes and are meant to go at the stern. It looks to me like I could screw the trolling motor cups to the inside of the transom rail with the addition of a one inch square block of wood for additional surface area tucked under the rail. The TM would go a couple feet in front of where I sit and I’d be able to reach the handle easily, with the battery up at the bow. I understand the TM won’t turn the boat as easily as if it were mounted at the rear. But I’m wondering if there are some other considerations I haven’t thought of. I’ve got a Mohawk 14 Solo canoe. The TM is a 34 lb thrust Minn Kota Endura.

A possible option?

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Dear bookworm,

I don't see how a trolling motor mounted amidship or slightly closer to the stern would do a very good job of steering a solo canoe.

Since you already have a motor have you considered mounting the motor on the bow of the canoe? You should be able to rig some kind of plate to mount the motor on the deck plate of the bow.

You would then have to remove the screws that secure the top of the motor to the shaft and rotate the head of the motor 180 degrees. Then just add a telescopic extension handle and you will be able to pull the boat along.

I've seen transom mount trolling motors run on the bow of many small boats and they seem to work well. I'm sure it could be done with a canoe too.


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Trolling motor on solo canoe
Thanks, I’ve thought of that. The problem I see is that sometimes you need to lift the TM quickly up out of the water when you come upon a shoal or underwater obstruction. You could steer with a long extension but pulling the TM up away from whatever it’s about to hit would be another matter, when you’re several feet away. Steering could be a problem, I know, but I’m thinking I could use a paddle blade to alter my course, if the TM wanted to go just in a straight line. I’m more worried about the gunnel walls breaking down or not holding the TM properly. I guess I’ll need to try it out somewhere and see how it works.

Sidesaddle motor mount
Old Town makes a sidesaddle motor mount. They are a little cheaper from Cabela’s. I would not clamp to wood blocks. I had a Mohawk Solo 14 and tryed the sidesaddle mount once and it worked ok. The motor needs to be as close to the stern as possible and still be within your reach. You will turn quick to the motors side but turn will be slow to the off side. I disabled the motors bracket lock so when needed you could tilt the motor by pushing down on the motor handle to avoid a log or shallows.

Hope this helps some.

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