Trolling motor mount for Grumman canoe

I’m interested in purchasing a motor mount for my 17’ Grumman canoe to operate an electric trolling motor. Many of the manufacturers indicate they are universal and will work with any canoe. Does anyone have experience using motor mount with Grumman? Any recommendations for mounts which would work well?


My dad made his own motor mount and it worked o.k. Its probably still in the old pony stall if anyone is brave enough to hunt it down.

I just pad the side with a thick (1/4 or 3/8") plastic blocks and clamp it on as far back as possible.

Try the fishing site they could probably help more than the pureist could.

Good Luck



Grumman made a motor mount for their canoes.

Why not try to find one specifically designed by Grumman, for Grumman canoes?

They come up on ebay fairly regularly/cheaply.

Perhaps someone who has used one will give you some input. I never use motors on boats, and therefore do not know how well they will suit your purpose/useage.