Trolling motor mount

I am an avid kayak fishermen. I own a Tarpon 160i and absolutely love this boat. I have recently developed a raging elbow and shoulder tendonitis, from paddling too much (just did a six day trip down the Suwannee, as well as fishing almost weekly since then on weekends) I hate the idea of steroid injections but may eventuallt have to resort to same. In any case, I am trying to come up with a trolling motor mount that I can drop in the rudder mount and steer by using the foot pedals for the rudder. I figure I need a very small trolling motor to use when I am trying to get up in front of a redfish school. I need to fabicate a fitting or have someone do so and can figuure out the electonics, just am at a loss on how to go about have a mount made. Any ideas.

I’m not sure the rudder mount will be

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strong enough for a 20 lb or so trolling motor. Most who mount trolling motors to SOT kayaks do so by placing the mount on a milk crate. Here's another idea, trolling motor mount on a Kingfish kayak, not bad, but I'd mount the motor further back and would not bolt through the bottom of the hull. Probably wouldn't bolt at all, especally a yak with the resale value of a T160:

Rather than operate by rudder controls, you may want to consider a remote controlled trolling motor. More expensive, but no wires. Its also bulkier. But, the Kingfish concept would work, with modification, to place the motor at the stern and you wouldn't need to permanently mount the motor on the kayak.

I used to have several trolling motor installations on kayaks stored on my computer, but this is a loaner and two computers away from that one. I still have the old computer and will look to see if I can find other installations.

Another mounting system

Commercial system
This one may be what you are after:

Tupperware trawler photo link
"How do you like your dog ? Here’s how I fix mine up and I suggest you have yours the same way "

(quoted from Nothing but trouble with Chevy, Demi, Candy and Dan).

Well many hate Cobras but the Marauder is no dog when rigged like this one. It may be a bit heavy but this one works for me ! The front of the mounting plate is on the flat area on top of the stern and where the plate hangs over the stern for shaft clearance I made wing supports for the Motorguide 45 # wireless. I also chopped the shaft length down a bit and re-mounted the head 180 deg.

It works great You can see this boat in person at 413 So. Main St. Conrad Montana when you all take your long overdue Glacier Park vacation this summer !

Ricker’s, a friend has a Navigator
He used to loved it until another friend built him a wooden kayak that better suits his needs. But, says the Navigator is a great plastic kayak. The FnD is very popular both with the big guys and those who launch into the surf to fish 300 yards or so off shore. Cobra’s are good boats, warranty service is first class. My friend had an issue with his first Navigator. Didn’t think he’d get help from Cobra as the boat was 3 years old, but contacted the dealer…Austin Canoe and Kayk. ACK contacted Cobra, they sent him a new one with a bunch of new features, no questions.

The marauder has a few faults but
It works for me. They lengthened the leg room but it still has no foot width area unless you are barefoot or have slender booties or something.

My wide a$$ sandals get stuck and I only wear a size nine shoe. They need to design a hatch for the marauder that is a little narrower and taller.

They use the hatch that was designed for the Fish N Dive.

They need to go to adjustable foot
braces. The same applies to Ocean Kayak and the Prowler 13. Those slots rub my foot, though I can find spacing that’s suitable.