trolling motor on fishing kayak????

Has anyone installed a trolling motor on their fishing kayak? I have a Native and having a great time fishing out of it and now want more!!! I am concerned about the weigh factor of the battery, whats the lightest battery I need to operate a small trolling motor??? Fishing Kate.

trolling motor
I am sure you’ll get some responses here as well but try the fishing forum. Also check out for ideas. I’ve seen some anglers put trolling motors on their kayaks.

Here in FL you would then need to register the kayak because it now has a motor on it.

C’mon Kate …wake up

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If you put a motor on the kayak then you are trying to get two totally different things out of the boat. You'll look like the Clampett's going to Beverly Hills

Be happy with the kayak and what it can do and then go buy a small fishing boat that is made for a motor.

Now, about your sign in name? .............Never mind... keep me guessing.

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Kate, wrong place to ask

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If you search the web you will find many kayak fishing web sites and forums. The people here are not familiar with what goes on in the kayak fishing world where many kayaks are fitted with everything from live wells, GPS, outriggers, down riggers, satellite radio, and yes trolling motors (sometimes 2 trolling motors)so I don't think you will receive anything but flack and poor advice here.

Most good kayak fishing forums have galleries of how-to photos about setting up a kayak for fishing. Someone will be more than willing to give you the information you seek.


And many others, also try searching for groups and forums in your area.

As N.T. and other said, take the
question to the suggested kayak fishing boards, or even the kayak and canoe board here at For the most part, the only acquaintance people on this board have with fish is on the dinner plate. Ask them about long skinny kayaks or canoes and they know their stuff. But, you’ll be better off asking kayak and canoe fishermen about trolling motors on your Native.