Trolling Motor Question

Has anyone tried the Old Town Power Paddle Motor and how it compares to any other 30lb trolling motor that has the 5 forward speeds and 2/3 reverse speeds? It is about double the price of most similiar sized motors and I am trying to understand if it worth difference.

The trolling motor would not be used to get around but to simply use in slower trolling situations.

Johnson Outdoors owns Old Town.
Johnson also owns Minn Kota, one of the two largest makers of electric trolling motors. The

OT trolling motor is a Minn Kota. It may have a slightly different mount or something, but it looks to be basically the 35 lb thrust Minn Kota.

OT accessories can be very high compared to what you pay at a retail sporting goods shop. The sit backer seat that OT sells as an accessory for $64 cost me $30 at Gander Mountain, same at Bass Pro, but Gander isn’t that far from my home so they got the business that day.

A 35 lb or 40 lb thrust Minn Kota or Motor Guide will push your canoe quite well. I see no reason to pay Johnson/OT twice for the same motor. Check out Academy.

Trolling Motor
Thanks again for another very quick reply. I was very much considering BassPro, Dicks, or Academy but I just couldn’t figure out the cost being doubled. Any issue with a 36 inch shaft? If I go electric I would prefer a 36 or 40 lb given the weight combinations of family members who might be in the canoe with me.

A short shaft is fine. Because you
can raise and lower the shaft, it should not make much difference if you get a good deal on a longer shaft. 36" is pretty much standard, I think, for the transom mount motors.

Even the shorter shaft
may be longer than needed. They are easy to shorten, I shortened mine because I didn’t like the top sticking way up high in the air. I slipped a piece of tubing down over the wires and into the shaft to keep the hacksaw from cutting into the insulation on the wires. Mine is a Motorguide wireless (radio controlled).