trolling motor

I just got a MinnKota 30 trolling motor. I’ve been mounting it directly to the gunwhale. Its working great but it tends to flex the gunwhale when I hit the throttle. Does anyone think this will harm my canoe?

Most synthetic canoes are meant to flex some, so maybe it won’t hurt it, but the fact that the flexture is probably repeated over and over at the same location might be a cause of concern and could cause stress cracking depending on the materials in your canoe. I plan on buying (or making) an outboard transome for my canoe - you can get them for $30-90.

Gunnel brackets are cheap enough
not only that but they offer a mount which places the thrust where it counts and does so secucely and with out damage to your hull

build your own
I also have a minkota 30 trolling motor for my canoe. the side mount motor mounts were a little pricey. I was able to buy small hardwood pieces at Lowes (already sanded) for about 15 bucks. A little work and I have a custom mount for 20 bucks that works great.

Motor Mount
Great idea! I was shopping around, and the LLBean mount was the least expensive of the more solid designs ($50). One could use the picture as a reference for DIY.