Trolling motors on rec kayaks?

Got into one of those crazy “can that be done” kind of discussions with a friend…figured I’d bounce the thought on the forums.

Anyway, the question was about mounting a trolling motor on a small rec boat like a Swifty or Featherlite - something that could be removed for situations where power isn’t allowed ( like environmentally sensitive areas ), but desired for long trips or going against a strong current class I or II. Is there a way to rig up a controller so that the motor could be operated from the seated position of a sit-in rec boat? What about two small motors mounted on the sides of the hull? Admittely this was after a few beers…but is it possible?

sure can
Get a bow mount and put it on the stern.

Look at all this stuff. Wireless control, auto pilot, easy lift,

Read it and run, because you will be hammered for even thinking about this. :slight_smile:

it is not as ~strange~
as you might think it is :slight_smile:

A while back I saw a video of some adventurous person putting a real motor on white water kayak ( I think ). He was racing it throught some icy looking body of water against buggy like motor vehicle.

I don’t remember who won, at the moment I was amused by the producers’ emphasis on how realistic it was to have that particular race :wink:

The kayaker explained that trying to avoid ice on the water was quite challenging…