Tropical Storm Fay

Just ended my paddle in T.S. Fay. 50 mph at the Space Center. Those in its path watch out. It’s a dangerous storm and still surprising us as it is not the norm over land. Jacksonville - watch out you may get a hurricane!!! My Tempest handled just fine!! Lost forward movement at 45 mph sustained wind.


Glad you made it back . . .
Just don’t take up kiteboarding.

Your skill level is listed as “beginner”, you’re out paddling in a tropical storm and telling others to watch out? Something’s not right w/ this picture.

His profile is correct

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...otherwise the 45 mph headwind wouldn't have stopped him.

(only kidding)

Paddlin' on

Nowhere to Run
If you paddle in Florida, you better practice and condition for for strong wind as it can happen in many daily summer storms. I camp alot and doing remote trips. Taking cover would be an oyster bed ,swamp,marsh, or mangrove. I ony paddled off the river close to the leeward side with a 1.5 mile fetch. In the Coast Guard we practiced the limits to be safe. Jumping into the Oregon 30 ft. surf isn’t something you do without practice and digging a hole in the beach for shelter. Fear is the greatest trouble maker so I practice in conditions I will be exposed to.

Always A beginner


Deal with what you have and
do your best.

In the Navy some of us learned to deal with the tough conditions in extreme situations but we were different, we were SEALS.

Be safe

Paddlin’ on


And now look at you. Just another
old man.

I’m old too
I’m just an old Coastie from Brookings ,Oregon. My old surfboat is a rusty 44 footer on display in Harbor, Oregon. Rolled the MLB 305 once during practice just off the jetty. No Seals on board , just 5 surfman, 2 diesels, 2 big props, 13 watertight compartments and we still made it back some way.



Yeah if he was “Intermediate” he could have managed some headway in a 45 MPH gale. L