Tropos dry top

Has anyone used a Tropos Dry top or an NRS for that matter. I’m curious if they breath as well as Gortex. I know the Gortex fabric is stronger as for wear. But I’m debating wether twice the price is worth it. Thanks.

I have not

Kokatat Tropos - only if you don’t sweat
I had a Tropos dry top and returned it – it didn’t breath nearly as well as Gore-Tex. Gore-tex XCR is the way to go – a lot more money, but the comfort is well worth the extra cost.


Another thing to consider

The Tropos fabric only has a two year warranty. Gore-tex is lifetime.


NRS Revolution is bomber…
While I think that Kokatat’s Tropos is nice, it does seem a little weak although I never had problems with breathability. The NRS Revolution on the other hand is tough as nails and the material is much thicker and durable than Kokatat’s Goretex. Plus it has kevlar on the elbows and overall is just well made. The breathability is excellent as well and it’s my favorite dry top.

Hey Jay!
Might want to take a look at the Immersion Research line whilst you’re out shopping. The mesh lining on the inside makes even their basics Zephyr line very comfy for wearing next to skin. Kinda nice to be able to pop on a shell layer and not have it stick to you via sweat layer.

It’s always the classic quandry; Perspiration Rate vs. Transpiration Rate.

See you on the water,


My wife has an NRS Plunge…
and reports its the best drytop she’s owned. Durable and breathable, well constructed. If it were my money, I’d want the Revolution but, what the hay. I have a Kokatat Wave and it is a really nice top. Breathable, well constructed.