Tropos Light Fabric - Kokatat

-- Last Updated: Aug-15-07 12:38 AM EST --

Hey gang,
I just picked up a Kokatat Full Blast paddling jacket made from Tropos Light...

I need it as a jacket when the air is warm, but the water is still cold. (Common here...)

Has anyone used it before? Does it breathe well? Does it hold up to normal light wear/tear?

I Googled my ass (sorry, "butt") off, and couldn't find anything about it.


my experience
it seems to hold up well to paddling, but that’s all i use it for, no bushwacking or anything. horrible aesthetics to put on, so plasticy, but breaths ok, not great. cheap, well made, good wrist and neck closures, good gaskets. good value, typical Kgear quality. i’d much prefer the Paclite goretex model, but like the price and value of the Tropos.

Thanks… plasticy…
is how I would describe the material also, when putting it on. “Nylon-ey” to the touch.

It’s so light, that it’s comfortable, but I’m wondering how it will breath/feel on warm days.

Just ordered this ExtraSport paddle jacket from REI-Outlet… after all discounts, it was $47… not bad for a $150 retail jacket… free pickup at my local REI.

If it sucks, I just ask REI for my money back.

that’s why i buy from the box as well
gotta love that gaurantee