trouble on canoe registration

Can anyone please give me an advice? I’m now having a trouble to find the Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin of my canoe. The thing is that I would like to apply a motor on my canoe. And I need to register the canoe to the DMV (in NY). I know they will need my original Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin to get through the process. I was wondering if ones lost that paper and there would be any chance to do registration for their craft. Thanks in advance.

If you can’t locate the cert
try contacting the manufacturer, if you provide them with your HIN they should be able to send you a new cert.

Shows one more wonderful side of
boat registration. If I were forced to move to NY, I would have only about four bill-of-sale documents for 11 boats. Some of the boat manufacturers no longer exist.

Government is so wonderful when it turns from essential activities to extracting money from people only trying to have a good time in a harmless way.

actually NY is surprising cool about reg
There ain’t any.

… unless you want to put a motor on I guess.

Thanks, I will save my contempt for
states that deserve it.

you can spread some of your contempt
… south one state.

(See how convoluted my mind works?)…

Now if I had stolen a boat at oh, say Pymatuning PA…

This would be a helpful discussion on how to obtain a certificate of origin…

It may or May not help,
but when attempting to register a canoe in S.C., they told me to place a piece of paper over the serial number and rub over it with a pencil. Then send them the information with length, make etc of the boat along with how much the boat is worth. They will send you a registration off of that information.

My other suggestion is to call and see what they tell you!

Can y’all believe it, Illinois stiffs us for $2/year on renewal. I’m gonna go cry, curl up in a ball and withdraw from the world, 'cause I’m so devestated. What a friggen harsh world I live in. Whhhhaaaaaa…

You can paddle in Georgia for free,
and we have better rivers. Remember that my point on this occasion was that some paddlers cannot be expected to come up with the proof of purchase or manufacturer’s certificate of origin to register boats. That Illinois forces people to pass in another $2 per boat per year is not relevant.

If you are close enough to PA, you could
have it registered here. It’s an extra $30 for boats with no papers.

L Trollman
your not right… L

I didn’t know SC makes you register a boat, I have 5 and none of mine are registered. Or all you talking motor boat?

is for when you put a gas or electric motor on board

Under 10HP?
I am not real familiar with the break point in NYS. But is there a possibility that you can skip registering the canoe if you are planning on a motor under 10HP? It seems to be a common limit for a change in regulation.

please verify
Could anyone please verify if we go under 10HP motor for a canoe (NY), we won’t need to do registration? I’m just thinking about 2HP would be enough to ride my 14’.

Thanks in advance!

Regulations for NYS are

– Last Updated: Jun-21-07 4:27 PM EST –

on the NYS DMV website, very plain and they are:

Does my boat require a registration?

The law requires you to register any boat that is motor-driven and is operated on public waterways in NYS. The boat requires a registration even if the motor is not the primary source of propulsion. If you operate the boat in NYS, you must register the boat with the DMV. After you register your boat, you receive a registration certificate that indicates the registration number assigned to your boat and a set of registration stickers.

You must paint or attach the registration number to each side of the bow of the boat. The characters must be:

* block letters not less than three inches high,
* a color different from the hull and easy to see,
* legible from 100 ft. away during the daylight hours,
* the only number on the front half of your boat.

You cannot transfer the registration number to another boat.

The registration sticker shows the month and the year that the registration expires. Attach each sticker in line with the registration numbers on each side of the hull, and three inches toward the stern of the boat.
What if my boat is documented by the US Coast Guard?

You must register the boat in NYS if:

* the boat is not used for commercial purposes in NYS, and
* the boat will be used on public waterways in NYS for 90 or more consecutive days.
* See the information about boat registration requirements. You need Adobe Acrobat Reader®. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader®, see these instructions.

If your boat was documented by US Coast Guard, you do not receive a NYS registration number. You receive NYS registration stickers only. Attach the stickers in the position where the registration numbers are normally located.
How do I get a hull identification number (HIN)?

If you have a boat that does not have a hull identification number (HIN), you must get one before you can register the boat if:

* you made the boat
* you got a boat that was manufactured after November 1, 1972.

You can get an application form from the DMV or from the NYS Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation (OPRHP). Send the completed form to the OPRHP. The OPRHP arranges your boat inspection for you. Visit the OPRHP web site.
Do boats require title certificates?

The DMV issues title certificates for boats that are:

* model year 1987 and newer,
* at least 14 ft. long, and
* registered in New York State.

The title certificate is used for proof of ownership for these boats instead of the registration. Title certificates are not issued for boats that do not match the description above or for boats registered with the Coast Guard. For a boat that does not receive a title certificate, the transferable registration is proof of ownership.
How do I register my boat?

See the information about boat registration requirements. You need Adobe Acrobat Reader®. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader®, see these instructions.

To register your boat, bring the following items to a DMV office:

* Complete form MV-82-B (Boat Registration / Title Application).
* Complete form DTF-802 (Statement of Transaction for Sales Tax) or proof of exemption or tax paid. The requirements and forms for boats are the same as those for motor vehicles. See the information about sales tax.
* The proof of ownership listed in the boat registration requirements document.
* Proof of identity and date of birth.
* Cash, check or credit card for the fee.

Remember that if you have a boat trailer you must register the trailer. See the instructions to register a vehicle.
What is the cost of a boat registration?

Boat registrations are issued for three years. There is a registration fee and a surcharge for boating safety. The fees and surcharges are calculated from the length of the boat as follows:

* Less than 16 feet - $18.00 registration fee and $3.00 surcharge ($21.00 total).
* 16 feet to less than 26 feet - $36.00 registration fee and $10.00 surcharge ($46.00 total).
* 26 feet or longer - $60.00 registration fee and $15.00 surcharge ($75.00 total).

And a link to the site:

Another advantage to the paddle sports

At some shop I remember seeing a sign that said “A canoe costs what a motorboat depreciates when you drive it off the lot”