Trout fishing in Colorado

I recently took a family vacation to Colorado. My family let me sneak away for a guided fishing trip on the Colorado River. The guide service was Confluence Casting, and I’d recommend them to anyone. Hard working, hospitable, fun, safe, and knowledgable of the river and good presentations. Was always a step or two ahead of the river preparing presentations for upcoming holes. Very good guide.

Here’s a link to a picture album. Jack, the guide, took a lot of these pictures. I haven’t downloaded mine yet but will add some scenery shots when I do. I’ve heard it said that trout fishermen aren’t so interested in the fish, they just like being in the places trout like to live. I understand that better now.

  • Big D

Nice pics.
When I lived in South Carolina, I’d run up to NC and fish for rainbows or sometimes in the rivers that were stocked in the upstate. But, while I loved the scenery and the rivers, I never really cared for catching rainbows. Most didn’t put up as good a fight as an 8" bluegill.

Thatto catch. Brown big brown you caught looked like a nice one

, and a good fighter. Colorado is beautiful and it is true Coors taste better there.

The key word is “stocked"
These were naturally reproducing fish. Not a hatchery trout among them - though their ancestors were surely stocked at some point as the only trout native to Colorado is the cutthroat. Anyway, none of them had clipped fins. As real honest-to-God born-and-raised river fish rather than pet fish that’ve been stuck into a river, these rainbows gave quite a pull. I’ve caught 16” hatchery rainbows in NC too, and there was no comparison between those and these. The browns were more acrobatic than the rainbows for sure, but the rainbows fought different not less.

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