Trout fishing with kids

I’m looking into canoe’s to get me and the kids (75lb and 50lb) into the water. I was wondering…is it possible to do much trout fishing from a canoe?

Lake trout, sure.
I don’t think you’d be successful floating a small canoe on most of the trout streams I frequent. We don’t have larger trout waters that flow where I live.

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Thanks D!

Canoe Trout Fishing
I live in MO and have trout fished from a canoe many times without a problem. You will need an anchor or a rope with a clamp attached to hold onto tree limbs or downed trees. I have also free floated without anchoring and had very good luck. Unless you are floating in whitewater then it should not be a problem. I fished the current river in MO a couple of times every summer out of a canoe until I got a kayak. Good luck

Most of the places we fish for trout are only accessible by canoe.

We also do some fly fishing closer to home, but every spring we head up to Algonquin for our annual trout fishing trip.

Great Idea
That should work fine. Just make sure that you have enough room so you can move easily. It will be good to get some younger kids on the water. Good luck!

Stay On Land With Two Young Ones…
better to “trout fish” lakes and ponds from the shoreline with two young ones. You’ll likely be untangling and/or baiting their hooks. That would be hard to do on a canoe.

I say shoreline for trout since that fish is usually accessible when the water is fairly cold (65F and under). If you go over with the canoe with two children, even with life preservers but without immersion gear, the kids would be in serious trouble and you would be hard pressed to try to rescue two simultaneously.

Save canoe fishing for warmer water species and WARMER water, e.g. beam, bass, pickerel. I got hooked on fishing by going out early morning or at sunset to catch bass from a johnboat. Very pleasant to just have shorts, tshirt, PFD and bugspray on and finding fish busting on top. Going for trout becomes a little more specialized with gear, water conditions, etc. Not something that would be fun with young kids (without seriously compromising the fun factor).