trout recipe

thanks datakoll
A simple and basic recipe, appropriate for trout. Gonna try it this summer.

If you have a smoker…
I love this recipe for smoked trout/fish. Perfection! You can then go on to make a comforting smoked fish chowder or a crowd-pleasing smoked fish dip.

Baked some filets over the weekend
I’ll have to try smoking some. (I know, which end do you light?) I enjoyed some herb crusted trout filets Saturday. The simple recipe: lay the rinsed and dried filets on aluminum foil on a cookie sheet. (easy clean-up) Sprinkle some store bought herbed bread crumbs on the filets and rub in. Roast in oven at about 390 for 15 - 20 minutes depending on thickness. Stick under broiler just long enough to brown the top. Serve.

This is a simple to make, low fat and sodium method. There is a bit of salt in the bread crumb mixes, but read the labels to find the least, or make your own without any at all.

make sure you clean them first

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Stems...ERR I mean bones - spoil the experience.

Thanks for the recipe. I always seem to have few good recipes for fish, compared to everything else.