Tru Course Rudder

Any one have any experience with the Tru course rudder kits?

No users?

I installed a similar kit on a Necky
14.5 touring kayak, but then decided I didn’t need a rudder on a short kayak.

How long is the kayak you’re fitting with a rudder?

Easky 15
A Venture Easky 15LV w/skeg. I picked up the boat as a new leftover so the price was very right. I have only had it out twice, I like the boat but it’s a bear to turn.It has all the provisions for a rudder in place.

My Necky is quite easy to turn. Longer
kayaks, or those with hard-tracking, may benefit from a rudder. I would think that a rudder is essential on really long kayaks.

Have you been able to try edging to get your Easky to turn better? Leaning on one edge should get the kayak to carve toward the opposite side. My Necky responds so strongly to edging, I have to be careful not to lean inadvertently.

Just looked at the Easky 15 LV, and
it looks very nice and, with a bit of rocker and some provision for edging, it may turn well enough without a rudder.

You said you have a skeg, so tracking in crosswind and the like should not be an issue.

Review of Easky 15 including a shot
of its underside.

I built one for the sea lion (17’) that had the pedals and cables in place.

Now I am a newbie when it comes to kayaks but so far it seems to be almost more of a PITA to use the rudder to turn than not. For tracking it is great. We had them out yesterday for a hour or so and there was a fair breeze and it helps.

I find that if I am trying to push off the pedals to rotate me bum while stroking (that doesnt sound funny to anyone else?), unless I brace the knees, I move the rudder, which causes my legs to be uneven and the kayak to turn off course and then I’ll be out of position and lose what little rhythm I have. Its a learning thing but something to think about.


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I have had two boats with rudders, one with the sliding foot pegs and one with the stationary foot pegs. The one with the stationary foot pegs(Smart track toe pilots)was much better from a control stand point.