Truck bar system to mount under tonneau cover

Sorry if this has been covered extensively in other threads, plz forgive me for not using the search. I have a 2016 Tacoma with a Diamondback aluminum tonneau cover. I’d like to set my truck up with truck bars for kayaks that will mount under the cover along the bed rails. Since the cover sits on top of the bed rails versus the rolling or folding tonneau covers that operate inside of the rails, the mounts for the bars will need to fold over the bed rails and hang on the outside edge of the bed at four points. I’m sure of you who have this set up will know exactly what I am talking about. If so, what product/source/fabricator did you go through?

With that bed cover, why not just go with a roof mounted rack for your kayak?

Oak Orchard Canoe and Kayak sell tonneau cover compatible racks. You can check them out on their website.

@tjalmy that could work. Two or three would fit turned sideways.

@kayakbasser Thanks, I will check them out.

TorrentDH- there are two boats on the roof! You just can barely see the stern of Debbie’s pink Cypress in the photo! LOL! We just came back from a roadtrip up the east coast and back with two Necky Manitou 14’s sitting side by side just fine. I could get three up there with J cradles or stackers, but that’s a lot of weight and I haven’t needed to.

Ya, looking forward to getting our kayaks. Probably two Tsunami 140s and a used tandem for children logistics. I will probably go with the cab mount (2016 Tacoma) with 70" bars and Jaylows. I like having the multi use option of a nice boxed truck rack but it’s such a pain to work it around my diamondback cover and I realllly like my cover.