Truck bed Extend hitch mutiple kayak?

Recently bought the truck bed extend a hitch on Amazon, is it possible to haul both a 12 foot Dirigo sit in and a 10 foot sit on top kayak with said extend a hitch in a 2019 tacoma 6 foot bed? No roof rack option but have a topper over bed

My 2001 Tundra has a 6’ bed and I carry 2 14’ Pungos using an extender. I also have a toolbox in the bed so one boat has to go in sideways.
My Tundra is about the size of the current Tacomas.

With an open tailgate, if you can squeeze those two boats into the bed and under the cover (assuming you won’t be taking it off the truck) it will be long enough with the extender to support them. Just flag the end of one of the protruding boats.
Another option is to purchase a single roof rack and keep the boats up in the air over the bed. A third option is to tie the front ends of the boats down on foam blocks and use the extender to support the other ends.
Without knowing the combined width of your boats and the width of your extender that’s the best I can do for you. Good luck.