truck hitch rack systems?


I’m looking for info on a goalpost type rack that plugs into my trailer hitch. Yakima, Thule and Oak orchard make them but it looks like you can’t open the tailgate with these in place. I have a tonneau cover and have to open the gate to access the bed. Yakima says their outdoorsman rack is not compatible with a tonneau. The reviews of these type racks are mixed. Right now I’m using 2 yakima bars on my F-150 Supercrew that are about 39" apart. Works OK for short trips but 2 long trips are planned for the summer. Any feedback on these types of racks is much appreciated

Saw one on Ebay…
that looked pretty nice. I think they fellow actually makes them in his shop. maybe could adapt one for you?


I have an Extend-a-Truck…
…(advertised on pnet, I believe), but only use it

in the lower position to support boats carried in the truck bed. It works fine, but is relatively heavy, and I’m moving toward another non-rack system. I’m sure it would be fine in the upright position, but you still wouldn’t be able to open your tailgate. Harbor Freight sells a similar one cheaper, but I presume it would still block the tailgate.

I have a Thule on my Tundra and cannot open the tailgate. Something I never thought about when I bought it.

If you look at one, you can probably make one cheaper and with an extended hitch insert so your tailgate can open. It is a pretty simple project if you are good with welding tools.

You might even contact Thule (or whomeever you want to buy from) and have them make the insert longer. It sounds like a perfectly logical request to me.

I bought a trailer hitch extension from Harbor Freight. If you can extend the hitch out maybe that would solve your problems. Here is an 18" extension from Northern Tools

Had one made
Bought $25 worth of steel and had a welder build a rack for $50. It can be used as an extended box or switched to load on top. Cannot close tailgate though when transporting up top. It’s two piece and not heavy.