truck rack advice?

Hello, we will be buying a tandem kayak soon and im looking for a truck rack for my 1998 ranger shortbed that we saw in canoes and kayaks last year from a company called racknrail. I cant seem to locate them/ Anyone here own one of these racks? Know whwere to buy one? Thanks! Drew.

I don’t know that one

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I use a Trac-Rac T-Rac (the one that does not have the sliding mech.) on my Nissan P/U. It is very strong, quiet and they have Yak saddles available for it.

I fabricated bases for my Hull-o-Ports that utilize the T bolt slots. Very easy on and off.

Here are the yak saddles"

US Racks has a great system.

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Here are a couple links to my setup:

Your first problem though is that your ford is going to be on the side of the road alot needing repairs... A "Chevy" PNET handle driving a Ranger? Gads! What's next!?
(big grin inserted here)

If you like it, here is a link to their site:

Good luck on your choice.

I found "railnrack"
by simply typing in rack n rail at yahoo but it’s discontinued. Here is that link:

My pickup truck
any ladder rack works fine. I had this “ugly as sin” home made (from a man who was NOT a good welder) that came with my last pick up. It was 1 inch square tube steel. I just bought one of those $20 kayak car hauler packages at Dick’s. I put the foam on the rack and used the straps to tie it to the rack. It worked out great for me. The foam actually fit so tight that when I had the boat off I could just leave it there.

With a little frugalness, and alot of will power, you can come up with something pretty good.



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website is passworded but this is the address:

Seaport Machine Inc.
1719 13th Street
P.O. Box 757
Clarkston WA 99403
(509) 758-5258
FAX (509) 758-4225

T-rac mounts

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I customized foam blocks to fit between the clamps on my T-Rac. Pictures available at

I sandwiched the foam blocks between the clamps, and used pipe insulation to pad the upright portion of the clamps. It's all held together with nylon sleeping bag straps in the grooves of the foam blocks.

Works great, and when my boat is tied down, it's solid!


I use the rail n rack…
Pretty neat design, uprights fold down to make a bedrail. But it does have drawbacks. For one thing, the racks for a short bed pickup are a little too low to carry the average canoe. The end of the canoe comes down on top of your cab. I kinda fixed that problem by cutting inch long pieces of square steel that were just the right size to fit inside the sleeves of the crossbars that come down on the front uprights, which raised the front crossbar an inch higher than the rear one, which was enough to make my Penobscot clear the cab. The other problem with them is that they are made of steel painted black, and the paint flakes off and the steel rusts pretty bad. So after having them for several years and on two or three different trucks, they look pretty bad…but they still work well.

I swear by this
I use one of these truck racks from Spring Creek, and love it… I combine it with Spring Creek suction cup rack over the cab.

Solid, dependable, excellent workmanship. This is a family run company I met at Canoecopia. It is a pleasure to do business with them.

Adding to this
I use it to haul a canoe. But they do also make kayak standards and as well kayak holders to carry it right side up.

You might want to check out their web site for their various products on this…or call them. They are very, very helpful without any pressure.

General web site is

I Have the Rail-N-Rack Too
Mine is 3 years old now. Besides the problem with the front rack being too low that Al_A mentioned, I don’t like the fact that it rattles constantly. Maybe part of the problem is I live on a gravel road (Some say our road is really a goat trail) and it gets vibrated too much, but I hate the rattling. Also, I’ve found it’s not a good idea to leave it “Up” in place when you don’t have a boat on top. I’ve twice had the rack pop up and off when running shuttles. I’ve seen the T-rack and the Spring Creek racks, and I prefer them to the Rail-n-rack. But if you’re really set on a Rail-n-Rack and have a short bed full sized truck, let me know, I’d sell it in a heartbeat.

re rack info
thanks for all the information. The company that makes the racknrail has discontinued these but ive located one old stock for sale and wanted some input. Yes im the proud owner of a 1998 ranger with 13,000 miles on it. I also own a 1990 ranger with 239,000 on it. My screenname is chevy409s sine I own one of them too! Thanks everyone! Drew in South Carolina.

Wilderness, I’ve had the same problem…
But the directions with the Rail n Rack said to tie down both sides at all times. After scratching the heck out of my first pickup I had it on when the crossbar popped off one side and came down on the truck, I decided there was a reason for those directions. Now, I tie the canoe down on one side when I’m carrying a single canoe, and tie down the other side with a length of rope attached to front and rear crossbars and looped under the rail in the middle. When the truck is being shuttled, I use one of the ropes that held the canoe down to tie down the other side the same way. Don’t have much trouble with rattling, and no trouble with crossbars popping off anymore.


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What directions (LOL)! Just kidding, but I either tie it down or take it apart now. But, mine vibrate out of place when in the "Rail" position. WW