truck rack help

I have a 2002 ford supercrew truck, the 4 door with 5’-6" bed, still don’t know why I got it but I needed the 4 doors.

Anyway here is the question.

How can I carry 2 canoes with out a cap on the truck?

I have seen the rack in the trailer hitch, but how to hold the front.

Thanks Tom

tsem… my solution. Works great!

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Read this entire thread, including the saddles that I bought.

Notice, like the pics from eBay, I c-clamp them to my truck so I did not have to bolt down or drill my side rails. C-clap works great.

Ask if any questions. Mine is a 2004 ext cab GMC Sierra.

How I do it.
My situation is different than your as I mostly carry shorter boats, but I do put 14ft canoes on this truck. Depending on your boats and your roofline?

Not advocating, just showing an idea.

Good Luck.


this works for me
get your paddling perks money back in savings on this rack.

I use the T-bar
in the receiver for the back, and one inflatable handi-rack, $69.95 for two, from

Good Luck


This topic that has been discussed periodically, but I am not sure there have been many solid answers. I know I have not decided on a good long haul permanent solution other than the hitch extender I use on my '05 F-150 Supercrew.

Daggermat, could you please provide more details on that rack you use. From the pic I could not tell the make and model of either the vehicle or the rack.


jboyd: those are sweet trucks, blk&gry

I used the hitch mounted rack and
up front I bought one rack for over the cab. I used J cradles on both.

Yo Logjam

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this is it
it's a universal fit. One thing I don't like is on the sides, the top nut is about 4" long and sticks up. This makes the rack removable, but I can't extend the width of the rack past my truck. 2nd canoe gets strapped to first(actualy third canoe 'cuz second goes in the bed.)Full size truck you'll probably be able to put 2 canoes down flat.If you get the P-Perks, I think they have 10% off on this rack.Overall I'm real happy with this rack after changing foam pads from supplied to something thicker, and I have become our groups "shuttle pig.";-)

truck rack
I use the suction cup rack and the heavy duty rack from piragis,made by spring great on my short box crew cab chevy. two canoes on top at 75 mph. no problem.