Truck rack

I have an interesting dilemma, I recently purchased a over the cab truck cargo rack by Kargo Masters from a friend for next to nothing. Here’s the twist a brand new rack cost $530.00 . I sanded out any rust corrosion but did not completely scuff up the existing paint. I had hoped that an auto body shop would paint it for around $ 200.00 plus purchase price of $50.00 I would be ahead of the game . However Paint shops what over $400.00 to paint it? I wasn’t looking for perfection since I would use it and scrape it up any how .But a new rack would cost less in the long run . Should I just hand paint the thing with rustoleum and just get on with it or keep shopping for someone to paint the thing. I might purchase a paint gun and try it myself since I have the compressor but have never painted before? just trying to save a buck. This rack is really heavy duty with lot of tie down points for the boats

Paint it yourself!
There are some high quality paints on the market these days that will work very well and more than likely there will be paint left over you can use for touch-ups later on.

Save $$$ by painting yourself and use it to buy extra gear.

Paint it yourself…
Just use the cans of spray paint from Wallyworld.

You will be surprised at how far each one goes.

I’ll bet you can do the whole rack with 5 cans or less.

I have an 87 Chevy pick-up that had the top of the cabs black paint turn to rust after fall out from a pulp mill where I was working one summer.

About ten years ago, I sanded it by hand and used a couple of cans of black spray paint, and it has lasted until now.

Do as much of everything that you can by yourself. You will make a mistake here and there, but in the long run you will not only gain the status of “do-it-yourselfer”, but you will save a boodle.



Paint it yourself with a spray cup
Don’t use the dang cans! You have a compressor. Get a inexpensive Spray cup and tips from Auto-Zone (example) and some lacquer paint of your choice and learn the basics of a new skill! I did this several years ago to get a camper shell to match my pickup of the time and never looked back.

Cans are fine though if you don’t want the hassle and if you can keep a steady flow, distance, speed.

Have fun and watch for drifting and over-spray onto other objects you don’t want painted!

I used “Rattle Cans” to paint my Motorcycle, Its an Old Dirt bike, it looks cool now, like something from the Delta Force Movie. Any way rattle cans are fine if you are staying with one color. Like Black, just put on several light coats. Don’t use rattle vans on your truck as it WILL look like it was painted with rattle cans!!

Hey now
Took your advice and decided to do it myself. guess all I needed was a little confidence boost. so I spent the day finish sanding with my weak hand due to the fact my right hand is in a cast…thats a whole other story. and that came out just fine Tomorrow I trip to Home Depot to purchase a spray gun. any thoughts on what to look for? I was told to use Rustoluem would any gun shoot this paint or does it have to be cut down? I

cThe Saga Continues
painted rack and it looks DINOMITE!! Only thing couldn’t figure out compressor so just started painting by hand with a small brush and cheap foam roller total cost around Under twenty dollar with paint Cha Ching