Truck Rack

Need suggestions for truck rack (manufacturers, make, model, prices, etc.) to be mounted on Mazda B2500 pick up. Load will be two Dirigo 120’s @ 55 pounds each.

T-Rac or Trac-Rac

running a sale right now.

can’t beat that price anywhere

just bought this one

– Last Updated: Feb-17-06 5:37 PM EST – no tax free shipping universal fit easy dismount/mount were my reasons.Also appeared to have wider base/better support than the other ez mount racks.

Two to Stay Away From…
…are the Mirage and Rail-n-rack. I owned the Mirage when it went by the name JEMB and it was a weak, shaky piece of crap. If you look in the “Accessory Reviews” here, you’ll see I’m not alone in my thoughts. I bought the Rail-n-rack due to excellent reviews from Canoe & Kayak and from the reviews of owners on the company’s website. The Rail-n-rack has held up for 3 years, but it rattles like crazy when hauling boats AND when folded down as rails. I TRUST it, and don’t think it will fail, but that Godawfull rattling drives me crazy! I have seen the Trac Rack in use and it looks darn near bomb-proof. I also like the looks of the one Cooldoctor was discussing (see the thread “Pickup Truck Rack Modification for Yak” in this forum). My next truck rack will be one of these two. WW

Get the T-Rack. Clamps on with ease and is very beefy. They now have accessories for kayaks. Though i haven’t found a good canoe accessory yet, but i’m getting by.

T-Rac pics
If you want to see what I did with my T-Rac, go to and scroll down.

I love my T-Rac!

Hillbilly Rack
I built a hillbilly rack for $40. Not necessarily recommending it, just showing there are options that maybe everyone doesn’t consider.

We put one on our Frontier 2 years ago and love it. Someone here posted that it rattles, but i have never had a prob at all. Folds down into bed rails when not in use and holds 500lbs. It’s under $300.


Trade You?
I’ll even throw in $100 and some pads! Mine were installed per the instructions and have rattled since day one. And have had one side pop completely off on two occasions on rough access roads on the Buffalo River. Glad you’ve had good luck with yours, but I’d much rather have the T-rack that I’ve seen on a couple of trucks. WW

Pop off?
You must be doing something wrong. Once assembled do you take a cam strap(hooks on each end). Hook one over the top of the cross brace(where it t’s). Then feed the other end down thru the R&R center opening(the section of rail between the folding sections. Then go back up to the opposite cross brace and pull tight. Take another strap and do the same thing on the other side. From the side of the truck the strap will make a big “V”. This pulls the uprights tight and prevents the cross members from popping off.

I’m at a loss to why it rattles when folded down, but you may try some self stick felt(wood working stores carry it in sheets or rolls), or self stick velcro-fuzzy side. Wrap it aroung the offending square tubing.


Mine from US Racks is for sale
Here is a pic:

Great rack system that goes on, comes off in minutes. Solid as a rock. I no longer have a truck.

Will sell it for $150.00

If you go new from someone I suggest you give these folks a look. Here is a link:

Mine is the Utility Rack.

Good luck.

Pop-Off and Rattles
The “Pop Off” incident happened when I didn’t have a boat on and left the racks up. I won’t do that again! And the “Rattling” issue is probably a result of living WAY BACK on a gravel road, and many of the shuttles I run being on gravel. THANKS for the “Felt” idea, I WILL try that when it warms up. But, after seeing a few paddlers with the Trac Rack, I know that will be MY next truck rack; or at least something similar. Thanks for the ideas! BTW, another thing I hadn’t really thought about, and that’s maybe mine got tossed arround a bit too much during shipping. It WAS scraped up a bit and the box looked like gorillas had worked it over pretty good. There is one other here that likes his Rail-n-rack, and that’s Al_A. But, as for me, MINE ratttles enough to drive me nuts. Maybe I can fix that with your idea. Thanks again. WW

Would yours fit a FULL SIZE '94 Silverado? Thanks. WW

truck rack
I’m a huge fan of my thule Xsporter. I was using the yakima outdoorsman and it was all fine and dandy. The Xsporter adjusts up and down which is a nice feature. because my kayaks are 17 foot i put it up above the roof of my 99 ford ranger but with anything else, mountain bikes, construction supplies, etc, etc i keep it down. i really really like this rack.


Hi WW.
Yes. It slides in or out for bed width, then locks down with set screws.

Xsporter Fan too…
I got mine last year and I love it. Did alot of research on racks before settling on this brand.