Truck racks for Ford Ranger

I was looking for the best bang for the buck, and easiest conversion to Yakima saddles for my 1995 Ranger. seems to top my list with their Utility Rack. Trac rac also is on the list. I want a quality, sturdy rack for two kayaks.

Take a look
at this.

Check out the truck rack it’s awesome and resonably priced.

Love my trac rac
I have a Tacoma with trac racs and Thule kayak cradles. Normally haul kayaks, have also carried ladders and lumber. I also have a tool box that mounts to the tracks. The racks are very solid, and everything slides off the back if I need the whole bed to haul stuff. They’re a bit pricey, but worth it.

US Racks
I have the Utility Rack from them. Does a great job.

I use them on my 03 Chevy S10 Reg Cab. Mounts easily enough. About 10 minutes to install or take off. I deburred the clamp ends and put some heat shrink around them as they will scratch your paint if you are not careful.

Seems to be well made. Bought mine last fall and use them for my Penobscot 16, Old Town Loon 138, Chesapeake 17 (when I delivered it to my little sister in Tenn.) and my new/used J180. Gotta love it.

Saddles might be in order for plastic boats that are skinnier or have more hull flex than our bomb-proof OT 138.

Good luck.

Check out
I got their rack for my F150, it mounts real slick in the back and has an actual Yakima cross bar.It’s easy to remove also. You’d need to get a Yakima set up for the cab and they have those available too. I just use foam blocks on the cab for my 17’ OT Tripper.