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I just barely found this web site and am very excited to be a part of it.

I am currently looking for a truck rack for my '93 Toyota T-100 Single Cab Long Bed to haul around my canoe. I have been looking closely at USRacks. I like their Utility Truck Rack as well as their Hawaiian Sawhorse Rack. Does anybody have any experience with these racks? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have one
I have the utility rack, with the 2" round steel pipe, it has worked fine for two years. It comes off in a few minutes, but I just leave mine on the truck, a little rust in the crackes but nice.

The aluminum square tubing model may have been a better choice.

I used foam blocks until this weekend. I added the yakima mako saddles with a little trip to the hardware store…

USracks was easy to deal with, good folks.

Does your utility rack sit high above your cab? What kind of truck do you have it on?

Truck Racks
I bought the square tubing and had a friend weld together a removable rack for the bed of my truck. It works great, and I have made several trips from Arkansas to the BWCA with canoes on it with no problems. Cost me about $30.00.


I have the Hawaiin rack and used

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it for last season..for me its right for the price..I drove about 1500 miles with it loaded with 2 canoes with no problems..I had to install a 2X6 on the front to get the clearence I wanted...easy on and off

Heres a pic
on a GMC sanoma…

I am off work this week and truck shopping for a Nissan frontier that I will put the rack on next…

I have a Dodge quad long bed
and use Yakima racks for my three canoes. I put Q towers on the cab and on the cap clip mounts. I then can move my front rack around depending on the canoe I carry or the load. I’m thinking of putting another rack on the cap so I can also carry mountain bikes since I frequently sleep in the bed and the bikes take up too much room. I can’t carry the bikes now on top because of the spacing of the racks. Just putting two racks on my cap doesn’t work for my 18 ft canoe because of the overhang so I needed to move the front rack to my cab.

Shell with a rack
I picked up a shell for my truck that had bars on it. I have carried boats about 30,000 miles this year, incident free and have a place to sleep when on the road. $125 used.

canoe racks
I use a hitch extender from harborfreight that i got for $39 + shipping. my canoe is only 15’ so with the bow tied securely in the truck bed and a ratcheting tie-down over the t-bar of the hitch extended, it doesn’t stick out that far and is very secure. of course you gotta use a big red flag on the end. i’ve travelled hundreds of highway miles without incident, and i can load/unload the canoe in about 2 minutes. it’s not cool looking but for the $ it works terrific. good luck!

truck racks-trac rac, the only way to go

I have a T 100 1995-SR5, extended cab. I installed a set of trac racs after having a home-made set and another manufacturer’s set (of which I was less than happy). You can read some good reviews for Trac Rac, T-Rac, seasport rac & rail(?) & mirage at the accessories portion of this web-site. I do not know about the brand you are looking at. I will say that the trac racs a great, even if they are a little pricey, but I would confidently recommend them. Their service & product have not let me down. Good luck!

Phil in NJ

I second the T-rac
I have a set on my Sonoma and haul my kayaks on it. It’s rock solid, and no drilling. Pictures at